DeFino walks on water

“Dr. DeFino WALKS ON WATER as far as I’m concerned. I started to see him in 2005 after battling candida for over 2 years. I had sought many other opinions on how best to eradicate it from my system – and ran into a couple practitioners selling ‘snake oil’, and charging A LOT of money – and then in desperation, ready to take horrible allopathic antibiotics to get rid of the candida, a friend suggested I see Dr. DeFino. I followed his diet plan (not even very strictly), and took his supplements and the candida was gone in under 2 months, painlessly & effectively. I have since seen him for a few other ailments, and just generally keep in touch with him every few months to make sure I’m at optimal health and to check in on diet and supplements. Any time I’ve seen him with any kind of ailment or upset, he gives me some supplements and some nutritional advice, and whatever it is is gone in a week or two.
He’s smart, caring, compassionate, incredibly insightful, hilarious to talk to, and he REALLY, REALLY, REALLY knows what he’s doing. Plus when you go see him you get to cuddle with his dog Lola!!
I tell everyone I know to go see him . . . I’m serious.”
-Kathleen Monroe
Nutritional Patient

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