I have no pain and no longer need a lift

I have worked with a number of different chiropractors. Michael DeFino is so much more and a real healer. I think he is the best I have known. I had developed a problem with a short leg that was causing me so much discomfort, especially at night, and I had started wearing a lift wondering if I would need it for the rest of my life. Hiking and walking any great distance became a real problem. Michael very quickly figured out what was happening and how to correct it so that my “short leg” problem has become a distant memory — I have no pain and no longer need a lift.

He has helped me with so much more including dealing with the stress of opening a new business.

Michael is such a special person and an outstanding healing professional with great insight and experience. I recommend him unreservedly and will be consulting Michael first no matter what comes up.
With love,
-Diana Davis
Nutritional, Quantum Neurology and Chiropractic Patient

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