I really appreciate all you are doing for and with me

Dr. Michael DeFino is not like any chiropractor I’ve ever been to before! (And that’s a good thing.)
His warm, patient and caring manner, combined with his excellent listening skills gives him a unique combination of empathy and expertise.
I appreciate that he never denies my reality (like so many other Dr’s do these days) never rushes me and always takes me seriously.
Knowing which foods and supplements support me and which to avoid has been exceedingly helpful.
(Though of course sometimes it pisses me off to know for a fact I really should not eat chocolate!)
Consistently, I’m in less pain and have more energy because of Michael’s treatment plan for me and I’m exceedingly grateful for this.
Michael is much less costly than most other health practitioners I’ve seen over the years.
Plus, I can see him once a month vs weekly, a rarity for a chiropractor.
Thanks Michael, I really appreciate all you are doing for and with me.
-Cathleen Daley
Nutritional Patient

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