I recommend they see Michael

“I am a fairly healthy man who deals with minor health problems like bronchitis and the flu every year. I get colds when everyone in the office gets colds and when I return from an overseas trip, I usually bring some type of sinus infection with me. I’m in my early 50s and I’m watching my friends go on prescription medications and I’ve witnessed my parents suffer from physical ailments while taking a multitude of harsh medicines until their dying breath. My Dad died while taking a pill.
I did not want to take medications nor do I want to die from physical ailments that I can prevent. I noticed stress was getting to me and I decided to do something about it. I saw Michael a few years ago and learned what I should eat and not eat, what recurring themes should go through my thoughts instead of the ones I had and what natural clean supplements I should be taking in order to build up my immune system. The results are noticeable to me and the people around me. As long as I am reasonable with my social life, I have positive energy, I don’t get bronchitis or the flu any more and I am usually healthy while everyone in my office is sick. If I get a cold, which is now rare, it’s for a day or two vs the 2 weeks I used to be miserable.
I feel like I have an edge on life now. When I hear people describe the agony they’re going through due to illness or stress I recommend they see Michael. Most won’t but now and then one does and they are grateful for the edge they now have.”

-John Romero
Nutritional Patient

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