Virtually no cravings for sweets or desserts

I used to have a fairly severe addiction to sweets, I couldn’t have ice cream in the freezer without compulsively eating it, I craved pastries and found it hard to pass bakeries without stopping for a Danish or a croissant. Doctor DeFino tested me, and I was put on a sweet and wheat fast as a part of my first month of treatment. It wasn’t easy. When I went back to him and was tested after that month he told me that I could eat honey, maple syrup, agave… pretty much anything but refined sugar. I was highly skeptical of this, and assumed that I would have to let go of all sugars and sweeteners. Much to my surprise, and to my pleasure, I can have maple syrup on my oatmeal and honey on my toast and as long as I avoid refined sugar, I experience virtually no cravings for sweets or desserts. Perhaps the avoidance of wheat helps with this. (I’m quite sure the wheat avoidance is responsible for the openness I feel with my sinuses and breathing.)

I ran this testimonial past my wife who reminded me that my chronic postnasal drip has virtually disappeared. Then I recalled that I haven’t had a cold or flu since I started with Michael almost 2 years ago. I used to have 1 to 2 colds a year.
-Philip Brooks, MFT- San Francisco
Nutritional Patient

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