We are eternally grateful

Dr. Defino literally saved my daughter’s life. She is almost 15 and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease at the age of 10. While bedridden for almost 4 years, she was on every medication and combination of medications the Lyme doctors prescribed. While I do believe they helped kill off the Lyme and the 3-co-infections she had – she was still bedridden, depressed, very lonely and not able to go to school until we were led to Dr. DeFino.
My daughter and I knew the minute he came out to greet us that this was going to work. The combination of the office, Nora, and the Dr. have an energy that is different than anywhere else we had gone. My daughter felt cared about for the first time. Dr. DeFino proceeded to do his work and was so good with her that she was inspired to do exactly what he asked of her as far as diet was concerned and wanted to take every supplement he gave her. Within 2 weeks my daughter was out of bed on a regular basis. We could hardly believe how quickly it was working. We began in May and by July she could visit her father in NJ and was able to do everything they had planned-NY, the shore, the lake, etc. She returned to California and by the end of August was ale to go to high school and wake up at 6:50 a.m. and go to sleep at 10:30 and hasn’t been tired at all. Dr. DeFino gave us both our lives back. We are eternally grateful and recommend him to anyone for any reason.
Thank you Dr. DeFino and Nora

-Gina D’Adamo
Mother of nutritional patient

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