I was instantly cured…overnight!

Three years ago, I was in so much pain and needing a cane to walk. My left leg was getting weaker, atrophy was setting in.I work in the medical field in Imaging so I am very familiar with CAT Scans and MRIs…both had been done but nothing ever showed up besides arthritis, degenerative dics disease and narrow disc space..That was not new and I know what that type of pain is like,but this NEW pain was excruiting…it would wake me up and feel like someone had a chisel to my hip.

I had already tried chiropractors, massages, acupuncture but a very good friend recommended Dr DeFino…he even paid for my first visit.
Wow, finally some relief…the first good night sleep in months…I kept traveling two hours each way to see him once or twice a week.
Without Dr DeFino’s relief, I was headed into a deep depression and didn’t want to live…He gave me hope and sound advise…. Dr DeFino could have continued to have me come in and continue with his treatments but instead did what was best for me…he felt there was something more going on…Dr Defino recommended I get a repeat MRI with contrast…again, the Radiologist mis-read the images….BUT this time, I hand carried my films to a NeuroSurgeon in San Francisco and he found a tumor wrapped around a nerve and into my spinal cord…

After my surgery to have the tumor (Schwannoma) removed, I was instantly cured…overnight!! Of course, I get the regular low back ache but nothing like the extreme pain I had suffered….
I will always be grateful to Dr DeFino for his advice and for the relief he gave me…
-Cynthia Blair
Chiropractic Patient

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