I really appreciate all you are doing for and with me

Dr. Michael DeFino is not like any chiropractor I’ve ever been to before! (And that’s a good thing.)
His warm, patient and caring manner, combined with his excellent listening skills gives him a unique combination of empathy and expertise.
I appreciate that he never denies my reality (like so many other Dr’s do these days) never rushes me and always takes me seriously.
Knowing which foods and supplements support me and which to avoid has been exceedingly helpful.
(Though of course sometimes it pisses me off to know for a fact I really should not eat chocolate!)
Consistently, I’m in less pain and have more energy because of Michael’s treatment plan for me and I’m exceedingly grateful for this.
Michael is much less costly than most other health practitioners I’ve seen over the years.
Plus, I can see him once a month vs weekly, a rarity for a chiropractor.
Thanks Michael, I really appreciate all you are doing for and with me.
-Cathleen Daley
Nutritional Patient

Virtually no cravings for sweets or desserts

I used to have a fairly severe addiction to sweets, I couldn’t have ice cream in the freezer without compulsively eating it, I craved pastries and found it hard to pass bakeries without stopping for a Danish or a croissant. Doctor DeFino tested me, and I was put on a sweet and wheat fast as a part of my first month of treatment. It wasn’t easy. When I went back to him and was tested after that month he told me that I could eat honey, maple syrup, agave… pretty much anything but refined sugar. I was highly skeptical of this, and assumed that I would have to let go of all sugars and sweeteners. Much to my surprise, and to my pleasure, I can have maple syrup on my oatmeal and honey on my toast and as long as I avoid refined sugar, I experience virtually no cravings for sweets or desserts. Perhaps the avoidance of wheat helps with this. (I’m quite sure the wheat avoidance is responsible for the openness I feel with my sinuses and breathing.)

I ran this testimonial past my wife who reminded me that my chronic postnasal drip has virtually disappeared. Then I recalled that I haven’t had a cold or flu since I started with Michael almost 2 years ago. I used to have 1 to 2 colds a year.
-Philip Brooks, MFT- San Francisco
Nutritional Patient

I have no pain and no longer need a lift

I have worked with a number of different chiropractors. Michael DeFino is so much more and a real healer. I think he is the best I have known. I had developed a problem with a short leg that was causing me so much discomfort, especially at night, and I had started wearing a lift wondering if I would need it for the rest of my life. Hiking and walking any great distance became a real problem. Michael very quickly figured out what was happening and how to correct it so that my “short leg” problem has become a distant memory — I have no pain and no longer need a lift.

He has helped me with so much more including dealing with the stress of opening a new business.

Michael is such a special person and an outstanding healing professional with great insight and experience. I recommend him unreservedly and will be consulting Michael first no matter what comes up.
With love,
-Diana Davis
Nutritional, Quantum Neurology and Chiropractic Patient

Amazing ability

Dr. DeFino works through the innate intelligence of the body to treat the causal level of symptoms. His formidable knowledge and innovative techniques bring about remarkable results. He deserves great recognition for his amazing ability to work with the entire health and illness spectrum and the return to integrity and wholeness.

-Rev. Violet Kashewa MscD-MchD, Patient
Resolved Heavy Metal Poisoning and Lyme Disease

A positive, professional attitude

Michael has helped me on my path towards optimum health more than any other practitioner. For ten years I spent thousands of dollars and tried everything to address highly complex and seemingly intractable digestive issues. After just 6 months of working with which Michael I experienced significant results. No matter what health issue I bring to Michael (from heart palpitations to gum recession to hormonal imbalances), he maintains a positive, professional attitude, always listening deeply and partnering with me to find solutions that work. Plus, Michael’s office manager Nora is organized, responsive, and compassionate, making my experience at Community Chiropractic consistently nurturing and stress-free.
-Anonymous Nutritional Patient

A gifted healer

Dr. DeFino is a gifted healer. I had been fatigued since adolescence, tried everything from western medicine and allergy testing to acupuncture and massage. I had been told by western doctors that my fatigue was psychological and even spent a large amount of money to see a Naturopath. Michael’s approach was the one that worked. His gentle, patient, loving, positive approach helped me do what I needed to do one step at a time to heal my body. Michael meets people wherever they are in their process and works with them — like a Martial Arts Master. AND you have fun in the process because he is simply a delight. I am forever grateful to Dear Dr. DeFino for helping me to reclaim my energy.
-Keri Kuerbis Lehmann
Leadership Coach and Consultant

He changed my life

I began working with Dr. DeFino in April of 2009. I went to see him to get off sugar and to lose a few pounds. I never imagined that working with him would clean up so many of my habits. I have lost most of my addiction to sugar, am eating even more healthy (I lost 7 pounds) and I have a renewed commitment to make my health my number one priority. I also started meditating again, and working out more regularly. He also helped me with other issues not under the “nutrition” umbrella. Simply, I am deeply grateful because he changed my life.

-Kitty Cole
Nutritional Patient

It will be worth your time, your money, and you will feel better

I was 20 years old and covered in Psoriasis. It was on my back, my legs, arms, chest, scalp and face. I went to dermatologist after dermatologist, and kept getting the same answers about my mysterious condition. “No cause, no cure”. The most help I could squeeze out of these doctors was the possibility that a hydro-cortisone cream might help to relieve the painful, itchy, and unsightly red blotches of skin that were taking over my body and life; but these creams came with their own set of side effects. I was at wits end. I felt totally out of control of my own body, and pretty much tossed aside by my doctors and by western medicine in general. Oddly enough, I was referred to Dr. DeFino by a friend of my mom’s who had seen him for back pain, and who had also brought her dog to him to help in the pet’s ailments. She claimed that he worked miracle. At this point, I was open to anything that could help me feel and look better…

I arrived at Dr. DeFino’s office for a nutritional screening, and spinal exam. I had previously had blood tests done with my MD to check for food allergies, and came up negative on all fronts, so I was a bit skeptic when approaching another set of “tests”. Dr. DeFino’s techniques were not what I expected at all. First of all, when you step into his office, you automatically feel a sense of well being. There is pretty music playing, water fountains, plants, it felt like a little sanctuary of some kind. Nora at the front desk is very relaxed, prompt, and understanding. I remember thinking to myself “this is not a doctors office, this is a healing clinic.” I wanted to hang out for a while and read some of the books, no joke. You would have to go for yourself and have him work his magic on you to know what I mean, but he performed the most unusual of tests. Totally non-invasive, no needles, no hour long waits, no people around you coughing. You didn’t feel like you were just another number being called upon and rushed out before the next number was up, not at all. He reserved a full hour and a half just for me! At times, I wanted to laugh because it felt so surreal.

To make a long story short, Dr. DeFino was able to clarify for me what Psoriasis was. It’s not just a skin disorder with no cause and no cure. It’s just that the cause is hard to see, and the cure doesn’t come in a cream. He also was able to determine for me that although blood tests showed I had no allergies, I was hyper-sensitive to certain foods, and that I had a parasite and an out of control growth of candida (yeast) in my intestines. And that the psoriasis on my body was most likely a result of these factors. He told me that my body naturally craved protein, and didn’t like other things, and that I should avoid some foods entirely. He suggested I take a regimen of supplements that he could provide for me that day, from vitamins to extracts from the rain forest, avoid a list of foods for at least a month, and to come back after 30 days to see how my body was responding. He even suggested that I recite a certain affirmation each night before I go to bed to help adjust my serotonin levels. It seems bizarre, but I swear it works. He helped me to understand my body as a series of systems, and that when parts of the systems become out of balance, the body reacts in strange ways, such as red blotches of skin. He recommended exercise, sleep, meditation, and a few simple things that didn’t come in a bottle and that weren’t made by a pharmaceutical company, and that my MD didn’t even think of mentioning.

The psoriasis on my body didn’t heal immediately, but I noticed a dramatic change in my energy level and over-all feeling throughout my days over that next month. Within two months, the psoriasis was in remission, and after just 4 months it was gone completely off of my body. “No cure”, Haha, I laugh at those silly nay-sayers. It has been more than three years since I first visited Dr. DeFino. Psoriasis occasionally appears on my body, but I do not feel like it controls me. I view it as a sign to get back on track with eating properly and maintaining a level, stress-free head. I still return to his office for adjustments and nutritional guidance. He has a genuine warmth to him that makes you really feel like he is there to help you feel better. Not to just treat your symptoms, but to help heal at your deepest level. Dr. DeFino is not the over-night quick fix, but he can help you find the power in yourself to heal and be healed, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve that well, do the trick. If you have ailments of any sort, even if you just feel like you need more energy, I highly suggest you pay him a visit. It will be worth your time, your money, and you will feel better.
-Cameron Bartolini
Nutritional Patient

DeFino walks on water

“Dr. DeFino WALKS ON WATER as far as I’m concerned. I started to see him in 2005 after battling candida for over 2 years. I had sought many other opinions on how best to eradicate it from my system – and ran into a couple practitioners selling ‘snake oil’, and charging A LOT of money – and then in desperation, ready to take horrible allopathic antibiotics to get rid of the candida, a friend suggested I see Dr. DeFino. I followed his diet plan (not even very strictly), and took his supplements and the candida was gone in under 2 months, painlessly & effectively. I have since seen him for a few other ailments, and just generally keep in touch with him every few months to make sure I’m at optimal health and to check in on diet and supplements. Any time I’ve seen him with any kind of ailment or upset, he gives me some supplements and some nutritional advice, and whatever it is is gone in a week or two.
He’s smart, caring, compassionate, incredibly insightful, hilarious to talk to, and he REALLY, REALLY, REALLY knows what he’s doing. Plus when you go see him you get to cuddle with his dog Lola!!
I tell everyone I know to go see him . . . I’m serious.”
-Kathleen Monroe
Nutritional Patient

Dedicated in his fields of study

“Michael Defino: ABC’s:

  • Adept in his thinking
  • Bold in his intuitive side
  • Centered in his practice
  • Dedicated in his fields of study
  • Essential in his offerings
  • Finesse with his approach
  • Gentle in his touch
  • Happy in his life
  • Ideal in his manner
  • Jolly in his demeanor
  • Knowledgeable in his diverse field
  • Loving in his generosity
  • Motivated in his lifelong learning
  • Nora in his office
  • Omnipotent in his work
  • Passionate in his field
  • Quintessential in his speech
  • Rapt in his intent
  • Santa Claus (without the beard) in his aura
  • Thoughtful in his approach
  • Understanding in his work
  • Vast in his gifts
  • Wise in his ways
  • X in his mysteries
  • Yarrow in his garden
  • Zen in his thought “

-Diane Lafrenz
Chiropractic and Nutritional Patient